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Transforming the Future with Decentralised Intelligence

Project Overview

The DLT Science Foundation has funded a project to set up a Fintech research lab. The proposed PHBS research lab aims to explore the integration of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (web3) with artificial intelligence (AI) and new finance (FinTech). The focus of the lab will be on conducting commercially viable research, with an emphasis on identifying and funding start-up opportunities with postdoctoral researchers. The goal of the lab is to drive innovation and create real-world impact at the intersection of web3 and AI.


The Lab was founded by Professor Guy Liu and Dr. Alastair Moore. Professor Liu is the Head of the UK Campus of Peking University HSBC Business School, with a PhD from Oxford, focusing on economics and productivity innovation. He will handle research coordination and interdepartmental collaboration at the University. Dr. Moore, an associate professor at UCL and PHBS UK, with a PhD in computing science from UCL, will lead the research efforts of the Lab and manage relations with funders and industry.


The research lab aims to impact science and society by innovating at the crossroads of web3 and AI. It aspires to forge new tech pathways, train emerging scientists, and deliver commercially viable breakthroughs that promote a decentralised, intelligent future.


The primary objective of the project is to conduct cutting-edge research at the intersection of web3 and AI to develop commercially viable solutions with real-world impact, transforming industries and creating economic growth.

Definitions of Success will be made up of the Number of research publications, the Funding secured from industry partners and other sources, the Postdoctoral researcher success through the number of start-up companies created, funding secured, and impact achieved through postdoctoral researchers' work, the Industry partnerships and collaborations established in technology transfer agreements, fostering innovation, and creating real-world impact, and the Impact on the field by advancements in theories/frameworks development, creation of new technologies/business models in web3 and AI fields while enhancing overall understanding.

Expected Outcomes and Impact

Upon completion, the research lab is poised to generate transformative outcomes including advanced research publications, patent filings, and the establishment of start-ups by postdocs. Its research will push the boundaries of web3 and AI, to yield innovative technologies and business models poised to revolutionise industries and spur economic expansion. A significant thrust of the lab will be to pursue research with commercial potential and practical applications.

Ecosystem Development 

In blockchain development, the lab will be instrumental in its contribution to open-source projects and standards, which will enhance blockchain protocols, smart contracts, and decentralised technologies. This will foster a robust blockchain ecosystem, catalysed by the lab's blend of research, entrepreneurial ventures, collaboration, and open-source contributions, leading to sustained innovation and impactful real-world applications.

Methodology & Implementation

The lab will focus on cutting-edge, commercially-oriented web3 and AI research with tangible impacts. It will promote innovation and job creation through collaborative events with experts and policymakers and by developing open-source software and standards for wide adoption. Engagement with government entities will aim to shape policy and maximise the practical application of research findings. The lab's strategy integrates pioneering research with a commitment to collaboration, entrepreneurship, and real-world problem-solving at the web3 and AI nexus.


This cutting-edge research initiative led by Professor Guy Liu and Dr. Alastair Moore, focuses on the fusion of blockchain, AI, and financial technology to drive innovation and economic growth. The lab is dedicated to producing commercially viable research, fostering start-ups, and positioning postdoctoral researchers at the forefront of the web3 and AI industries. It aims to generate transformative outcomes, including advanced research publications, patents, and the establishment of start-ups, pushing the boundaries of technology to revolutionise industries and expand the economy. By engaging in collaborative events, developing open-source software, and influencing policy, the lab is a beacon for real-world problem-solving at the intersection of web3 and AI.

Team Members
Alastair Moore
Guy Liu