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Breaking Hollywood: Empowering Fans to Vote, Own and Watch Movie and Television Content Through the Use of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and an Associated Multi-Token Ecosystem

Project Overview

Mint Road's project looking to disrupt the antiquated film and media industry. Through the implementation of distributed ledger technology (DLT), this initiative, backed by a team boasting a combined over 40 years of experience, intends to address and alter the status quo of Hollywood's entrenched structure.


The contemporary entertainment sector, while bustling and vibrant, is operating within an outdated framework profoundly influenced by politics and a lack of transparency. Mint Road seeks to instigate a radical transformation. At the core of the initiative is the development of a decentralised platform, designed to provide a platform for creators, fans, and consumers, facilitating the co-creation of the content they desire.


Mint Road's inception came about from identifying glaring inefficiencies plaguing the industry. While talent is abundant and audiences are ever-eager, the sector's age-old practices stifle creativity and inclusivity. The project's vision materialised from this glaring gap, recognising the dire need for a transformative shake-up. With the industry's "green-lighting" process often being secretive, Mint Road seeks to offer an alternative narrative. The combination of blockchain technology and the potential of DAOs provides the perfect springboard for disruption.


A key objective of the project is the democratisation of content decision-making. This initiative aims to transcend the barriers posed by traditional gatekeepers, placing greater emphasis on a collective decision-making process. A pivotal component is ensuring that the platform's functionalities remain compliant with a complex web of international laws and regulations. Through meticulous research and iterative development, Mint Road strives to offer an unparalleled user experience, curated specifically to resonate with content creators and enthusiasts.

Upon successful execution, the project is poised to reshape the entertainment landscape, ushering in a more inclusive, diverse, and representative content environment. It also promises to set a precedent, offering a blueprint for future projects on seamlessly navigating the intricate regulatory terrain of security tokens within the realm of entertainment. 

Ecosystem Development 

Mint Road's developmental blueprint centres on fostering an environment of collaboration. Aligning with academic luminaries, such as Prof. Michael Stewart from UCL, adds a layer of academic gravitas to the venture. Further solidifying the project's foundation is the partnership with legal entities, such as Orrick, and regulatory giants, including the FCA & CSA, ensuring a robust commitment to stringent compliance. All the while progressing the adoption of blockchain technology. 

Methodology & Implementation

The project's approach is multi-pronged. Comprehensive research into legal and regulatory frameworks sets the stage. Partnering with expert bodies, including the FCA and third-party token listers like Toko, brings depth to the investigation. In parallel, technical developments aim to elevate user experience, with continuous adaptations anchored in user feedback. The vast network that Mint Road has nurtured in Hollywood will serve as a resource for high-quality content. Concurrently, the focus remains on building and nurturing community ties through sustained marketing and outreach. The culmination will be the unveiling of a soft pilot, designed to assess market receptiveness and fine-tune the offering based on real-world insights.


Mint Road's funded project stands out as a visionary endeavour. By challenging the established norms and leveraging cutting-edge technology, it promises to herald a new era in the entertainment sector. The decentralisation and democratisation of content creation and consumption, as championed by Mint Road, could very well be the blueprint for the future of the Entertainment industry. 

Team Members
Michael Stewart
Dana Landry