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Shaping the future with emerging technologies

We walk humanity towards a world where distributed ledger technology replaces trust in third parties with transparency, in which data can be verified by anyone. Where open collaboration between academics, government, and startups breeds innovation, and the value created flows more horizontally across participants in the network.

The DLT Science Foundation is a non-profit organisation headquartered in London with global operations in 12 countries. Supported by Hedera and Ripple, and publicly launched in March 2023 with a 5-year multi-million dollar endowment program, the DSF is a blockchain-agnostic organisation that aims to work across all Layer 1 blockchain infrastructure providers following an open collaboration and co-creation model between academia, industry, and government.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Vision
To build an equitable and open future through exponential technologies. 
Our Mission
We help advance a wide and safe adoption of DLT and emerging digital technologies by empowering industries, regulators and innovators to fulfil their potential through science.
We act with integrity by aligning our actions with our values, and by furthering transparency within our domain. We promote and provide access to reliable knowledge, datasets and tools that help pioneers of emerging tech build.
Our core is driven by a pursuit of accurate knowledge. Our commitment lies in facilitating evidence-based decision-making in the field of emerging tech. We value intellectual honesty, open and transparent communication and rule out misinformation.
We help assess and enhance environmental responsibility, social impact, and long-term viability. We seek to balance present needs with the future of humankind.
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We understand the value of collective intelligence, diverse perspectives and strong relationships to amplify our impact. This is why we actively facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas and resources and encourage teamwork, partnerships and open communication.
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We share a passion for continuous learning, exploring and discovering truth. We ask the right questions, constantly challenge assumptions and seek new solutions to advance emerging tech.