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DSF Intelligence

Our commitment to advancing knowledge and literacy of the blockchain and cryptocurrency market is demonstrated through our efforts to expand the available resources for this rapidly growing industry. This is achieved by developing and releasing a variety of datasets and tools that can be used by researchers, academics, analysts, and professionals in the field. We aim to provide accurate and up-to-date information to help further the understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency and support its continued growth and development.

Who can benefit?

A wide range of individuals and groups within the blockchain and cryptocurrency market can benefit including:

Independent Researchers

who can use the tools and datasets to conduct academic research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field.


who can incorporate the resources into their teaching materials to provide students with up-to-date information and practical examples.


who can build on top of our resources and use our tools to explore new directions.

Blockchain Community Managers

who can better monitor their community performance through our indicators.


who can use the datasets to analyse market trends and make informed predictions about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Professionals in the Field

who can utilize the tools and datasets to inform their work and make informed decisions about their investments or business strategies.

Industry CIO

who can access to accurate information and sources can help stay informed about the latest developments and make informed decisions.


who can use our instruments to promote transparency and to identify and mitigate financial risks and provide guidance on regulatory compliance.

Crypto Regulators

who can better understand a project's critical limits and risks.

We aggregate information from public online communities across instant messaging, microblogging and social network platforms. Hundreds of millions of records are retrieved and run through several GDPR-compliant data cleaning, anonymisation and verification algorithms to ensure data integrity before being organised and analysed.We harness this massive amount of unstructured data and provide accurate, timely and unbiased analytics of social media content using proprietary algorithms and methodologies in the area of data mining and artificial intelligence including machine learning neural networks and deep learning.The analysis is synthetised in proprietary indexes capturing unique social media dynamics.These tools currently include datasets with daily data from platforms such as Telegram and Reddit, but an upcoming version will include also Twitter, Stocktwits, Yahoo Finance, Github, Coinmarketcap chat and BitcoinTalk.