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Fellowship Programme

Our Fellowship Programme is a nexus of collaboration, bringing together premier fellows from top-tier universities and institutions around the world. Through groundbreaking initiatives and research, these fellows design, develop and disemminate their DLT expertise and scientific insights, being instrumental to strengthening the trust infrastructure of our modern world.

Meet our esteemed Fellows

Lukasz Szpruch
University of Edinburgh & The Alan Turing Institute
Terence Tse
Hult International Business School
Tomaso Aste
University College London
Kathy Yuan
London School of Economics and Political Science
Nicholas MacGregor Garcia
National University of Singapore
John Augustine
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Mark Esposito
Hult International Business School & Harvard University (Continuing Education)
Imran Bashir
JP Morgan
Fahad Saleh
Wake Forest University
Guy S. Liu
Peking University
Claudio J. Tessone
University of Zurich
Agostino Capponi
Columbia University
Carsten Sørensen
The London School of Economics and Political Science

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Join the forefront of DLT knowledge as a DSF Fellow, designing and executing transformative projects that shape our digital future. our diverse grant programs dedicated to research, education, and innovation.

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Positioning the UK as a global leader in blockchain

The DSF is proud to be the initiator of the UK CBT, with the mission is to advance the national agenda for blockchain by bringing together universities, industry partners, and government stakeholders. Through research, education and collaboration we aim to accelerate the adoption of blockchain, empower stakeholders, and position the UK as a global leader in blockchain technologies.

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DSF Fellowship

The DLT Science Foundation brings together brilliant minds across the globe such as researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders who actively build the future of emerging technologies, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Empowering Change
Shape groundbreaking activities in education, research, and innovation.
DLT for Policy
Construct a DLT-driven ecosystem to enlighten policymakers with sound science and impactful case studies.
Fair DLT Future
Champion a future where DLT refines value exchanges, amplifying transparency and fairness.

Eligibility Criteria

Senior academics representing DLT groups, labs, or centres within their institutions can apply for the DSF Fellowship.

DSF Fellows benefits

Tools Support

Get support for developing their initiatives, access to datasets and tools developed by DSF.
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Speaker Opportunities

Grab the opportunity to speak at the DSF platforms, and network with some of the greatest minds in the field.
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Talent Grants

Drive DLT advancements with our diverse grant programs dedicated to research, education, and innovation.
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