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Brand Centre

Here, you'll discover everything you need to know about our brand. From our logo usage to our tone of voice, these guidelines provide a clear path to representing us consistently and effectively. Let's dive in and ensure our brand shines its brightest in every context.

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Tone of Voice
  • Friendly but not casual - trying to make DLT cooler & sexier than it sounds Witty but not inappropriate; memes are acceptable.

  • International English

  • Clear, straightforward & easy to understand

  • Trustworthy, reputable, credible & knowledgeable

  • Scientific, evidential but with a human face (not AI) & sense of humour

  • Not-for-profit, neutral & unbiased

  • Inclusive but indexed toward gen-Z/Millennial age group


The minimum clear space surrounding the Primary and Small Logotype is equivalent to 1/2 of the height of the logotype.


Our logo's two colours provide flexibility, ensuring a professional appearance on a variety of backgrounds. The black logo works well on light backgrounds, while the white version stands out on both coloured and dark backgrounds. In situations where there is imagery in the background, we recommend adding a layer of blue to enhance contrast and uphold our brand's distinct identity.

White logo

The white logo should be used on dark backgrounds.

dark logo

Dark logo should be used on white and light backgrounds

Co-Branding and Partnerships

The logo should be used with a partner logo with specified clearance. For alignment, match x-width of logos if possible. If DSF is the main organiser, keep the logo bigger than the others.

1.DSF as main organiser
2.Equal partners
(logos side by side)
3.3. DSF as one of the partners
(secondary - but same level as other partners)


  • Don’t use the logo on top of plain images.
  • Instead, add a layer of color that turns the image blue and creates contrast with the logo
  • Don’t modify the logo in any way (change shape, font, etc)