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Digital Economy and FinTech Education Programme

Project Overview

A year-long programme targeting 250+ European professionals and students focusing on DLT and smart contracts with Hedera blockchain. It includes 7 training events on FinTech, AI, CBDCs, and digital entrepreneurship. The goal is to develop participants' abilities to innovate in FinTech and related sectors, preparing them for the job market and entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on practical DLT applications and understanding regulatory frameworks. 


In 2015, T. Aste and P. Tasca established the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies to examine DLT and blockchain effects on society and promote their secure integration. The centre is a collaborative hub within UCL and with 245+ external researchers and industry professionals. Fabio Caccioli, affiliated with CBT, applies his expertise in complex systems to blockchain modelling and has led DLT research grants. T. Aste, the centre's co-founder and Scientific Director, works with regulators on applying FinTech and blockchain in financial oversight, advises financial entities, and leads FinTech education initiatives in South America.

Both Caccioli and Aste are seasoned in educating a global audience, including central bank staff, industry professionals, and graduate students, having conducted courses on blockchain and its financial applications. Anahi Rodriguez brings experience in organising FinTech training programs, focusing on central banking data issues and blockchain technology.


This is a one-year programme focused on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), with a special emphasis on the Hedera blockchain and smart contracts, aiming to train at least 250 participants including industry experts, and masters and Ph.D. students from across Europe. The program will feature three major in-person training sessions, each about a week long with a hybrid participation option, complemented by four shorter one-day events. Topics will cover FinTech and Sustainability, AI in Finance, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and Entrepreneurship in the Digital Economy.


The Digital Economy and FinTech Education Programme seeks to impart a solid grasp of FinTech, smart contract development, and DLT applications, particularly on the Hedera platform. It aims to prepare participants for careers in the digital economy, foster innovation across sectors such as LegalTech and PropTech, and enhance understanding of relevant legal and regulatory frameworks. The program will benefit professionals and students by providing insights into DLT's potential to innovate in finance, legal matters, and entrepreneurship. Success will be measured by participants' practical achievements, job placements in digital finance, and startups launched within the ecosystem.

Expected Outcomes and Impact

The Digital Economy and FinTech Education Programme is designed to impart comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in FinTech and DLT technologies, notably Hedera blockchain and smart contracts. It aims to prepare participants for the digital economy's job market, foster innovation, and facilitate entrepreneurship in various sectors, including financial services, legal tech, and property tech.

The programme targets professionals, executives, and students, offering them the skills to develop FinTech solutions, understand legal and regulatory frameworks, and apply DLT to enhance business operations and innovate in commerce and services. It also provides insights into leveraging DLT for public services improvement, ensuring participants can navigate and comply with the complex legal aspects of FinTech and the digital economy.

Ecosystem Development

The Programme is set to advance ecosystem development through a specialised blockchain education series, engaging at least 250 trainees including professionals and advanced students across Europe. It will feature 3 major week-long events and 4 shorter single-day events, combining in-person and hybrid formats. The curriculum aligns with the Blockchain for Executive Education and targets business leaders and executives.

Led by a team of seasoned blockchain educators, including Principal Educator Tomaso Aste, who has substantial experience in the field, the program leverages the expertise of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies to impact socio-economic systems through DLT. The training, with a history of engaging over 300 participants in various regions, exceeds DSF Grant’s requirements for participant numbers and instructional hours, positioning it to foster the growth and integration of blockchain technology in the market.

Methodology & Implementation

The program combines digital and traditional methods, integrating live and recorded online sessions with hands-on workshops, case studies, and practical projects for at least 250 European trainees. It unfolds across three key week-long events and four shorter one-day sessions, each with a focus on FinTech topics like sustainability, AI, CBDCs, and entrepreneurship in the digital economy, mixed with opportunities for networking and real-world application. Starting in April 2023 with a week on FinTech and sustainability, it progresses through specialised workshops and concludes in April 2024 with an updated training week, keeping pace with the evolving FinTech landscape.


In conclusion, the Digital Economy and FinTech Education Programme promises to be a cornerstone in the upskilling of over 250 European professionals and students in DLT and the Hedera blockchain. With a practical focus, it aims to endow participants with vital skills for the digital economy, stimulate sectorial innovation, and aid in the creation of new FinTech enterprises. Spearheaded by experts Aste, Caccioli, and Rodriguez, the programme exceeds educational standards and is geared towards making a lasting impact on the adoption of blockchain technologies. Set to conclude in April 2024, it is well on its way to fostering significant advancement in the FinTech sector.

Team Members
Fabio Caccioli
Tomaso Aste