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Enhancing Contract Clarity and Incentivising Comprehension: A Multi-Faceted Approach Using DLT

Project Overview

Amplifi's innovative technology platform is poised to set a new standard in the FinTech sector, bringing enhanced legal compliance and communication solutions across industries. The project aims to integrate advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) within the legalities of smart contracts, tokenization, and accreditation. 


The project was motivated by the challenges faced by companies in navigating the complex regulatory environment of the financial industry. Amplifi's innovative approach seeks to address the gap between the legal requirements of financial products and the consumer’s understanding of them.


In an age where digital finance and complex regulatory requirements intertwine, Amplifi's platform emerges as a beacon of innovation. It harnesses AI and ML to render the contractual process more intuitive and traceable while promising substantial cost reductions. This technology goes beyond mere compliance, delving into the realm of consumer empowerment and comprehension.


The project's core objectives centre around leveraging AI to transform how companies create, manage, and audit legal contracts. Amplifi seeks to furnish businesses with a more robust control framework, particularly through the auditing process, enabling a swift response to potential financial discrepancies. Furthermore, it aims to enhance the intelligibility and user engagement of financial communications through behavioural analytics and ML-powered content adaptation.

Expected Outcomes and Impact

The anticipated impact of Amplifi's platform is multi-faceted. By simplifying the contract process and enhancing transparency in the use of data, it is expected to better arm consumers with the knowledge and proof of accreditation necessary for informed financial decisions. The incentivisation mechanisms proposed should encourage more proactive consumer engagement. In the regulatory sphere, Amplifi aims to provide a solution that keeps pace with evolving FCA standards, ensuring that organisations remain compliant.

Ecosystem Development

Amplifi’s proposition is not just an insular system; it is designed to interact with and enhance the broader FinTech ecosystem. By incorporating a layer of service that improves user comprehension and trust within crypto wallet applications, it seeks to make regulatory adherence a seamless aspect of the user experience.

Methodology & Implementation

The methodology behind Amplifi's project is a structured series of developments and pilots. Starting with the creation of standardised legal clauses, it transitions into the realms of tokenization to incentivise user engagement and comprehension. The development of Soulbound NFTs to symbolise accreditation marks a creative approach to establishing a user’s understanding and compliance in the digital space.


In essence, Amplifi's undertaking is a testament to the transformative power of AI, blockchain, and ML within the financial services sector. By embedding these technologies into the core of legal and compliance frameworks, Amplifi is expected to deliver a robust platform that not only elevates compliance standards but also fundamentally improves how financial organisations communicate and engage with their customers. The project stands as a pioneering effort to harmonise regulatory compliance with consumer empowerment, promising a more transparent and efficient future for the financial industry.

Team Members
Minesh Patel
Carsten Sorensen