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DSF Co-Founders Educate at NYUAD's Blockchain Event in Dubai

On 3-4 February 2024, Nikhil Vadgama and Paolo Tasca, co-founders of the DSF, were key speakers at NYUAD's Dubai conference on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The event took place at startAD, NYUAD’s entrepreneurship hub, and aimed to deepen executives' understanding of blockchain technology's fundamentals, its latest developments, and its applications in various sectors.

The first day of the conference covered blockchain basics and cryptocurrencies, while the second day delved into Blockchain 2.0, including topics like programmable money, NFTs, and digital currencies issued by central banks. Vadgama and Tasca's discussions ranged from the analysis of different cryptocurrencies to the examination of blockchain's regulatory environment in the UAE, GCC, and worldwide.

Interactive sessions featuring demonstrations and participant engagement were highlights, enabling direct interaction with blockchain technologies and providing attendees with actionable insights.

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The DLT Science Foundation (DSF) is a global public benefit entity committed to funding and supporting impact initiatives involving and using DLT.