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How to Integrate AI in Business: Nikhil Vadgama for Authority Magazine

In an interview published by Authority Magazine, Nikhil Vadgama, co-founder and director of the DLT Science Foundation, discussed the application of Artificial Intelligence in business operations. Interviewed by Kieran Powell, EVP of Channel V Media, Vadgama provided insights into the practical aspects of integrating AI into various business processes, the limitations of current AI technologies, and the significance of maintaining human roles in certain areas.

Vadgama, who has a background in web3 and emerging technologies, highlighted the challenges of implementing AI, including the risk of over-reliance on large language models or LLMs, which can lead to decreased work quality. He underscored the importance of using AI as a support tool rather than a replacement for human effort, especially in tasks requiring specialist knowledge or creativity.

The discussion also covered the ethical implications of AI deployment in businesses, particularly concerning job displacement. Vadgama noted that AI's current use is primarily for optimising processes and improving efficiency without significant ethical dilemmas in most cases. However, he also indicated the potential for more complex ethical issues in the future as AI and robotics technologies advance.

The interview highlights examples in which AI tools, while initially promising, proved less effective than anticipated, illustrating the limitations of AI in handling tasks that require nuanced understanding or specialised knowledge. This leads to advocating for a balanced approach, leveraging AI for ideation and certain forms of analysis while relying on human skills for tasks requiring accountability and complex problem-solving.

Finally, Vadgama provided recommendations for businesses considering AI integration, stressing the importance of critical assessment of tasks for AI applicability, careful crafting of prompts for AI tools, and the continued value of human insight and creativity. He envisioned the future impact of AI as enhancing the productivity of lower-skilled workers rather than displacing higher-skilled jobs, with a human touch remaining essential in most areas of business.

Read the full interview here.

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