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IT Logs: DSF Co-Founder Featured in IT Logs Article on 2024 Fintech Trends

In a recent IT Logs article, Nikhil Vadgama, DSF co-founder and director, shared his expertise on the evolving fintech landscape. The article, authored by Bojan Stojkovski, delves into various aspects of fintech, including GenAI, open banking, quantum computing, and personalised services, shaping the industry in 2024.

Vadgama highlighted the potential of GenAI in business processes, noting its growing internal use and the challenges of integrating it into consumer-facing environments. He pointed out the hurdles in implementing GenAI in traditional financial institutions, particularly regarding AI regulation and the risks of biases, as seen in cases like the Clieo Money chatbot and the DPD chatbot.

The article also includes insights from other industry experts. Alex Karichensky discusses digital trends and the emergence of CBDCs, Dmytro Zarakhovych shared his thoughts on open banking and the collaboration between fintech and traditional banks, and Mykhailo Romanenko discussed the impact of AI in the crypto industry,

To read more about these insights and the future of fintech in 2024, you can find the full article here.

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