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Exploring the Future of Paytech: Insights from Dr. Paolo Tasca

In a recent interview with The Fintech Times, Dr. Paolo Tasca, Chairman of the DLT Science Foundation, shared his insights on the future of paytech. Dr. Tasca highlighted the significant potential of stablecoins to revolutionise the payment industry in 2024. According to him, stablecoins are poised to become a cornerstone for institutional payments, facilitating the creation of unified payment networks. This trend is particularly noteworthy in the context of global digitalisation efforts, where emerging economies are leapfrogging traditional payment methods in favour of more advanced, digital solutions. Dr. Tasca's perspective underscores the importance of innovation in maintaining the competitiveness of payment networks in the Western world, as emerging economies rapidly embrace digitisation.

For a deeper dive into Dr. Tasca's insights and the future of paytech, follow the link to the full article here.

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