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DSF's Global Industry and University Network Shines!

LBS Education Workshop

DSF is pleased to have set up a valuable ideation workshop at the London Business School on the 4th October, where many members of the LBS blockchain society attended to hear from our research team. Those in attendance enjoyed the presence of Walter Hernandez, one of our best contributors, as he exceptionally presented his ongoing research and explorations into the leading industry applications of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). Walter kindly shared his expert thoughts on the general trajectory of the industry and market conditions, and answered a number of thought-provoking questions from the engaged audience. Afterwards, the CRO and COO of Swirlds Labs, Eric Piscini, tended to aspects of future career opportunities in the space. To conclude, Katerina Sanchez-Schilling, our wonderful innovation manager, hosted a grand all-you-can contribute ideation session with a high-volume of competing sector solutions. 

HK PolyU Enrichment

DSF is always strengthening its global arm of education in harnessing true and excellent provision for teaching and learning. As such, earlier on in the month, DSF Director and Co-Founder Nikhil Vadgama made a trip to Hong Kong Polytechnic University to deliver a specialised course for undergraduate and graduate attendees on decentralised governance. In a time where traditional corporate governance seems to be not the only option on the table anymore, Nikhil identified historical and contemporary examples from the blockchain, cryptocurrency, DLT, and web 3.0 spaces to cover a number of pertinent issues.

What are some similarities and lessons between the two worlds? Why do people trust certain board and voting structures more than others? What are the strengths and weaknesses of different governance models? This topic area is absolutely essential to think about - whether you are a business leader, a contributing member of an entity, or a stakeholder. To finish off, Nikhil then dove deeper into the technical architecture surrounding the myriad of existing DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) featuring types of categories, voting mechanisms, treasury management risks, regulatory concerns, and what their place in society may look like a few years from now. 

Chainlink Labs

The world of blockchain and DLT is an area that requires constant collaboration and engagement with reputable industry actors to boost individual skill-sets. That is why between 28th and 29th October, we partnered up with Chainlink Labs to put on an open bootcamp for active web 3.0 developers and novices at UCL’s Bloombsbury Campus. At once, the objective was to reinforce the core technical knowledge and push forward the creative modes needed to contribute to a particular blockchain network and the wider ecosystem. 

The start of the bootcamp focused on the founding theory as it pertained to its multi-layer architecture and security mechanisms, while the latter stages of the 2-day program took inspiration from examining interoperable projects and cross-chain functions, as well as the implementation of real-time information sources and application of smart contracts. 

Throughout, our atmosphere was filled with eager participants who were thrilled to be engaging with on-chain and off-chain features, trying out wallets and testnets, and were also quite inquisitive of the career paths that were possible with the taught skill-sets!

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