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A Strengthened Partnership: DSF and Hedera Continue their Joint Commitment

Hedera’s commitment to support the DSF’s activities has been instrumental to allow us to achieve remarkable milestones in education, research, and innovation. Our masterclasses, diverse roundtable discussions, and global educational outreach has occurred all over the world from involvement in activities in the UK, Switzerland, China, USA, and Europe.These are testaments to our commitment to advancing blockchain understanding worldwide. The P2P Financial Systems Conference and our grants and awards are further evidence of our efforts to foster a more nuanced and mature dialogue around DLT, promoting financial stability and inclusivity. These efforts have been significantly bolstered by the support from Hedera, enabling us to make substantial strides to legitimise and advance DLT.

In less than 12 months of public life, the DSF has managed to launch, approximately: 40 research projects currently resulting in 30 research papers in the works, more than 30 innovation and educational activities with a combined 600 students. In addition, we have committed millions to ecosystem development, through strategic projects of pivotal importance.

The DLT Science Foundation acknowledges with appreciation the recent announcement by Hedera concerning the allocation of an additional 4.86 billion HBARs towards the further development of its network and ecosystem. This decision underlines Hedera's continued leadership and commitment to the decentralised economy and marks a significant step in the advancement of enterprise-grade, sustainable public networks.

This announcement  includes Hedera’s decision to renew its support for the DSF, a gesture that reinforces our collaborative and fruitful relationship. This allocation of funds is poised to substantially aid our ongoing initiatives and education, research and innovation. We extend our gratitude to Hedera for their continued faith in our capabilities and their unwavering support for our vision.

Dr. Paolo Tasca, DSF Chairman, remarked: 'Hedera stands out as a mature and responsible leader in the blockchain space, distinguishing themselves by their work on ecosystem building, and their interest on prime-quality research and development. At the DLT Science Foundation, we are proud to contribute to this vision. Our work, deeply integrated with the Hedera ecosystem, involves advancing blockchain research and enhancing educational programs to make this technology more accessible and trusted. This collaboration is not just about funding; it's about being part of a movement towards a more transparent and effective digital future.’

Looking ahead to 2024, our ambitions are set high, and continuous support from Hedera is vital for reaching these goals. Our focused research, particularly on cutting-edge topics such as Zero Knowledge Proof solutions, DLT Interoperability, user-friendly crypto wallet design, and environmental sustainability with DLT, is poised to push the boundaries of blockchain technology further. The imminent release of our book "Digital Assets: Pricing, Allocation and Regulation" that features Hedera is expected to be a cornerstone in DLT literature. Additionally, our ongoing issuance of science notes aims to continue enriching the global dialogue on blockchain technology. These initiatives, underpinned by Hedera's support, are crucial in realising our vision for 2024 – a year we anticipate will be marked by groundbreaking advancements and increased adoption of DLT in various sectors.

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The DLT Science Foundation (DSF) is a global public benefit entity committed to funding and supporting impact initiatives involving and using DLT.