DSF University Network

The DLT Science Foundation serves as a central hub for a global network of premier universities that collaborate in advancing DLT.

The DSF University Network members benefit from:

Unrestricted support in the form of grants for developing specific education, research, and innovation programs in the DLT space.
Access to proprietary datasets and tools developed by DSF Researchers for both on-chain and off-chain blockchain and crypto market analysis. 

The DSF University Network also receives active promotion and networking opportunities, as well as facilitating introductions.

Join the DSF University Network

Current Members

Eligibility Criteria

The DLT Science Foundation aims to build a network open to world leading universities and institutions in relevant disciplines to DLT such as Computer Science, Economics, and Law.

Any senior academic who represents a DLT group, lab or centre within their own University or Institute in the field of DLT is eligible to apply for membership.


DSF University Network Members receive the following benefits:

Data and Tools for: Research, Education & Lab application

Information Pollution Dataset and Indexes

Access to proprietary crypto social media data (hundreds of millions of data points) and AI-driven tools 

Datasets (chats, fora and discussion boards)

  • Frequency: Daily data
  • Time span: One year (6-month lag) dataset
  • Platforms: Telegram, Reddit


  • Trust index* The Trust Index is an unbiased synthetic indicator which summarises the overall fairness and quality of chat group and forum discussions. 
  • Mood index* The Mood Index provides sentiment-driven cryptocurrency signals. 
  • Scam Index.° The Scam Index is a proprietary unbiased measure of the level of scams and swindles in online social media communities. 
  • Spam Index.° The Spam Index measures the level of spamming activities in online social media forums and chat groups.

* Available from: Q1 2023

° Available from: Q2 2023

ESG Dataset and Indexes

Access to proprietary tools with quantitative (raw and pre-processed) data points on crypto energy consumption, carbon and sustainability tools

Dataset (Global energy consumption and energy consumption per transaction)

  • Frequency: Daily data
  • Time span: from February 2023


  • Global power consumption ranking* The global power consumption ranking orders blockchain networks by their aggregate electricity  consumption
  • Energy consumption per transaction ranking* The energy consumption per transaction ranking considers both aggregate electricity consumption and network throughput.

* Available from: Q2 2023

On-chain datasets

Access to on-chain data and indices from various DLT networks

Dataset (transaction data, state data)

  • Frequency: live-streamed
  • Time span: from the Genesis of each DLT network


  • Currency dominance index* The dominance index of major cryptocurrencies based on centrality in the transaction graph
  • Protocol financial reports* Income statements and balance sheets of on-chain protocols.

* Available from: Q2 2023


Right to apply to research grants.

Right to apply to education grants.

Right to apply to innovation grants.

Access to research fellowship grants.


Access to the DSF University Network for joint research and development initiatives (incl. the possibility to apply to public grants in the UK, the EU and Switzerland)

Ability to participate in the DSF University–Industry Exchange Program for Students

Ability to participate in the DSF Hackathon Programs for Students and devs.

Ability to participate in the DSF working group initiatives


Priority / early access to all reports, publications and other research output produced by the DSF


Complimentary passes to DSF Fellow Seminar Series

Complimentary passes to DSF events (# varies with level)


Seat in DSF Scientific Committee

To become a University Network member, please complete the following form:

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