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MicroVelocity: rethinking the Velocity of Money for digital currencies

May 3, 2023

We propose a novel framework to analyse the velocity of money in terms of the contribution (MicroVelocity) of each individual agent, and to uncover the distributional determinants of aggregate velocity. Leveraging on complete publicly available transactions data stored in blockchains from four cryptocurrencies, we empirically find that MicroVelocity i) is very heterogeneously distributed and ii) strongly correlates with agents' wealth. We further document the emergence of high-velocity intermediaries, thereby challenging the idea that these systems are fully decentralised. Further, our framework and results provide policy insights for the development and analysis of digital currencies.

Carlo Campajola

University College London & DLT Science Foundation

Marco D'Errico

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Claudio J. Tessone

University of Zurich

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