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Announcement: Launch of the Global Protocol Report

The DLT Science Foundation is excited to announce the release of the Global Protocol Report, a comprehensive and insightful resource crafted to shed light on the evolving landscape of DLT protocols. This report stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing knowledge in the blockchain domain, offering a deep dive into the developments and future prospects of DLT protocols.

This significant endeavour has been made possible through collaboration with our esteemed partners INACTA Ventures, Crypto Oasis, and Crypto Valley, each bringing unique expertise and perspectives to the table. The report is a collective effort to enhance understanding and foster informed decision-making within the blockchain community.

We are particularly proud to highlight that the editorial board features our co-founders, Dr. Paolo Tasca and Nikhil Vadgama, as well as our Head of Science, Jiahua Xu. Their contributions have been invaluable in providing depth and clarity to the complex topics discussed within the report.

Dr. Paolo Tasca, sharing his thoughts on the report, stated: "The Global Protocol Report is a critical resource to understand the blockchain landscape, offering a unique lens on the evolution of DLT protocols. It not only tracks the advancements in blockchain technology but also provides a framework for assessing protocol maturity. Our collaboration in this report underlines the DLT Science Foundation's dedication to fostering informed decision-making in the blockchain arena, especially as we navigate the complexities of scalability, security, and decentralisation. This report is an essential guide for anyone committed to understanding and shaping the future of Web3."

The Global Protocol Report goes beyond being a mere snapshot of the current state of blockchain technologies. It is designed as an evolving resource, to be updated annually with new trends, developments, and technological advancements in the Blockchain space. This approach ensures the report remains a relevant and timely tool for the global community, aiding in the identification of major shifts in the protocol landscape and assessing the maturity of different protocols over time.

We warmly invite you to explore the Global Protocol Report and engage with the wealth of knowledge it offers. Together with our partners and the global community, the DSF is dedicated to paving the way for a more sustainable, efficient, and equitable global economy through decentralised technologies.

Discover the full report here.

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