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Tokenomics Masterclass Online

September 27, 2023
DLT Science Foundation's Second Tokenomics Masterclass: A Convergence of Expertise and Innovation

On September 27, 2023, the DSF held the second edition of its Tokenomics Masterclass. This online event attracted 35 attendees from various backgrounds and emphasised the Foundation's commitment to fostering an inclusive and knowledge-rich environment in the blockchain space.


The masterclass commenced with Dr. Stylianos Kampakis, who provided an exploration of Tokenomics Auditing. Drawing on concrete examples, Dr Kampakis highlighted the importance of transparency and trust in the burgeoning Web 3.0 landscape.

The recording of Dr Stylianos Kampakis’s session can be accessed here.

Following this, Elaine Song, Vice President of Strategy at The HBAR Foundation, took the virtual stage. Adding her unique expertise in Hedera’s technology, she provided an overview of its distinctive token features, smart contract services, and engaging use cases. This segment underscored Hedera’s significant role and potential impact within the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Elaine’s session can be viewed here.


Through their combined insights, participants gained both a macro and micro perspective on the field, equipping attendees with a deeper understanding of tokenomics and DLT, and fostering a collaborative and engaging learning environment.