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The Future of Tech: Web3 Trends in 2024

February 5, 2024
Roberts Building, University College London

On February 5, 2024, at University College London, the DSF organised “The Future of Tech: Web3 Trends in 2024” with Orbis86. The event was attended by investors, entrepreneurs, students and tech-savvy individuals, and explored the latest developments and the technology trajectory in Web3.

The discussions were spread across two panel discussions and the “Lightning Talks”:

Panel 1: Evolving Web3 Realties: DSF’s Role in Shaping the Future


  • DLT Science Foundation, Chief of Staff, Juan Ignacio Ibañez
  • DLT Science Foundation Research Fellow, Walter J. Hernández
  • DLT Science Foundation, Operations Executive, Ron Kotli
  • Orbis86, Founder & CEO, Soniya Ahuja

Panel 2: Decentralised Business Horizons: Trends for 2024


  • Zodia Markets, Head of Sales, Paul H
  • Secured on Blockchain, Founder, Kristian Moller
  • CryptoMondays London, Co-Founder and CEO, Kaitlin Argeaux
  • HQNFTs, Co-Founder and CEO, Divya Prashanth
  • AS Labs/MultichainZ, CEO, Sash J.
  • CoinBrit’s Founder and CEO, Ashish Singh

Lightning Talks

Stephen Newnham, UK Lead for Solana, and Chris Chabot, Head of Open Source at Shardeum, were featured in the session. Newnham provided insights into Solana's advancements in blockchain technology and its impact on the Web3 landscape.

Chabot discussed Shardeum's engagement with the open-source community and their efforts to advance decentralised technologies.

Participants were keen to explore the latest developments and understand the future direction of technology. The networking opportunity allowed for fruitful discussions, collaboration, and the generation of innovative ideas, contributing to an atmosphere of creativity and eagerness.

The event underscored the increasing interest in Web3 technologies and the importance of cross-sector collaboration for their development and wider adoption. It effectively positioned London as an emerging centre for Web3 innovation and community engagement.

Sponsors and Partners

A big thank you to the event partners Hedera (sponsor), University College London (venue), OffChain Global and The Coin Republic (facilitator and partners).


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YouTube video

Re-live the conference here.