The DLT Science Foundation (DSF) is dedicated to promoting the growth and adoption of blockchain technology through its funding programs in education, research, and innovation.

The organisation aims to create an open and self-sustaining innovation ecosystem that brings together universities, industry, and developer communities to work together and drive the development of cutting-edge distributed ledger technology innovations.

The DSF believes that fostering collaboration and investment in these key areas will help advance the field and ensure that blockchain technology reaches its full potential.

The DSF is nurturing a new generation of academics, developers and practitioners who share our belief in the potential benefits of blockchain technology.

To harness and direct that passion, the DSF seeks to empower educational initiatives, such as:

  • the creation of educational programs;
  • designing higher education modules;
  • offering developer courses;
  • launching executive education training.

Not only do we offer grants, but we can help with program design.

The DSF also organises workshops, internships and placements, as well as develops educational resources, frameworks and best practices for blockchain education.

The grant program additionally supports our University Network partners, to enable them to supply these educational services under the DSF banner.

Bachelor’s/Master’s Programs

We can help support the creation of accredited education programmes through our experience of having created and led these at some of the world’s foremost universities - sharing best practices and frameworks for success. 

This also includes running seminars, workshops, labs, practicals, education material creation, examination creation, case studies and other activities that enhance student learning opportunities.

Executive Education Programs

Training for decision-makers, those seeking career changes and for those curious to learn more about blockchain technology.

We can support the design, running and implementation of these programs based on our experiences of pioneering executive education in-person and online.

Developer Programs

A strong ecosystem is supported by those who are able to build on blockchain systems. We can help set up and run developer programs for those just coming into the world of programming, and for those who are seeking to learn new blockchain skills. 

Entrepreneurial training

Scientific research can lead to fantastic commercial opportunities but often researchers to do not have the skills or awareness to make this happen.

We can support setting up training and development activities that can help researchers make the most of the work they are doing.

The  DSF fosters a network of researchers working at the frontiers of blockchain and DLT technology. We champion strategic research initiatives by supporting top higher education candidates with PhD and PostDoc grants, as well as with fellowships. 

The DSF also promotes cutting-edge research by awarding research grants on specific key topics related to DLT. The DSF Annual Summit and the DSF Research Awards further advance these objectives, by bringing this network together and encouraging new groundbreaking research. 

By supporting the DSF University Network, we hold together a global network of universities that are leading the world in terms of DLT research. Our Grants Program, exclusive to  DSF University Network Members, funds those partners who want to develop further the blockchain state-of-the-art.

Some of the areas that we fund include topics related to:

  • Cryptographic protocols for distributed networks
  • Consensus modelling and analysis
  • Security engineering of distributed systems
  • Systemic risk of P2P systems
  • Digital identification
  • Central bank digital currencies
  • Financial inclusion and market stability
  • Technology adoption and market dynamics
  • New business models and novel applications on distributed networks
  • General market and industry analysis on the deployment of DLT
  • Smart contracts and decentralised government
  • Ledger analytics and forensics
  • Fraud detection and financial crime prevention
  • Legal aspects and regulatory issues in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space
  • Automatic regulation and automatic compliance (RegTech)
  • Innovative technology applied to the insurance industry model (InsurTech)
  • Internet of Things, smart energy, and utilities

Our Innovation programs and activities strengthen the ties between universities and industry, focusing on utilising and improving DLT technology platforms.

In this context, we run multiple initiatives, such as:

  • Hackathons
  • IP commercialisation activities
  • knowledge-transfer programmes
  • blockchain accelerator dinners
  • consulting
  • blockchain roundtables
  • workshops
  • a range of DLT-related events and seminars.

These global events leverage the expertise of our many partners, and support our University Network members in their efforts.

Our Innovation Program also creates synergies between the DSF University Network and the DSF Industry Network with strategic internship programmes as well as facilitated introductions.

Programs include:

Pre-commercialization of academic research

We support funding spinouts, patenting and licensing of technology created through academic research

Workshops, Roundtables, Seminars

Our aim is to foster knowledge transfer activities between academic and industry stakeholders and we can help fund and deliver these events

Academia-Industry student exchange programs

Students benefit tremendously with working with industry professionals during part of their degree programmes. We have tremendous experience in running these activities and can help to support the implementation of these programs.


Rapid innovation solving problems with novel solutions are a unique feature of hackathons. We can support you in running fantastic events with industry participation that can get students, academics and industry professionals working collaboratively to foster innovation.

OSS projects

A strong open-source community is important at the heart of blockchain ecosystem development and we support the development of open-source projects through funding and development

Direct funding of spinouts

We can help nurture early-stage spin-outs from universities with support to take academic research and turn that into a commercial opportunity with funding and operational support

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