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Marketing and Events Manager (Senior)

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January 16, 2024

Role and Responsibilities

The DLT Science Foundation (DSF) is looking for a Marketing and Events Manager who will:

  • Execute and improve the DSF marketing strategy;
  • Lead content-creation for the DSF website, blogs, social media posts, press releases and events;
  • Organise high-profile events for the DSF board;
  • Support other DSF department heads with streamlining and improving event organisation practices;
  • Encourage community engagement on the DSF channels, particularly Twitter and LinkedIn, grow the community and interact with its members;
  • Launch and manage program campaigns on social media;
  • Drive search engine optimisation for the DSF content on all official DSF channels;
  • Promote all activities of the DSF on official DSF channels;
  • Coordinate designers for the creation and distribution of online and offline content, coordinate marketing and operations staff, work in synchrony with the event manager and PR agency;
  • Interface with the product and business development team with regards to the strategy, design, launch and marketing of DSF products and tools;
  • Advance the DSF products, tools, datasets and indexes, positioning them for business development;
  • Generate leads for the placement and sales of DSF products, tools, datasets and indexes;
  • Prepare and proofread all public-facing materials;
  • Promote DSF grant-giving activities and impact;
  • Advertise and promote the partners’ deliverables of DSF funding programmes.

Skill Requirements

The ideal applicant will be characterised by:

  • Knowledge of and passion for the blockchain industry;
  • Experience with GTM Strategy;
  • Experience writing blogs and social media content;
  • Experience with SEO;
  • Experience in senior marketing positions;
  • Experience posting on technology and academic research-related topics;
  • Experience with marketing at academic and industry-related audiences;
  • Experience managing designers;
  • Self-sufficiency: competency to handle and take ownership of all the responsibilities with no more than one junior person in their charge;
  • Confidence to act as a senior lead in three areas at a time: Marketing, GTM and Events;
  • Ability to meaningfully contribute to the DSF short, medium and long-term strategies.

Location: London, England / Remote

For any questions or assistance, please feel free to contact

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